suzuki vitara 1994


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suzuki vitara, 1994

Good Points
capable, surprises every one, reliable, fun, cheap on fuel and parts...
more comfortable than a sierra

Bad Points
breaking rear axels, ground clearance not so good...
independent front so cant lift too high..

What mods have you done?
2 inch lift
rear air locker
31" muddies
dual battery
rear tube bar

What mods are on the list to do?
full exo cage built off rear bar,

Why did you buy this vehicle?
for a camping weekend, vehicle didnt fuss me as long as it was a 4x4, but fell in love with its capablilties

How often do you go offroad?
every weekend, night runs, camping, up for any trip...:

What will your next vehicle be?
another zook!!!
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Welcome aboard, they are an awesome rig mate. I had one before my current rig. It went awesome with a Body Lift and Swampers.


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my picture


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nearly finished building my front tube bar:)

i made the rear a few months ago, brush bars/rock sliders next mod:)

then exo cage when i get around 2 it:)

will post up pics soon


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I was talking to someone about a exo cage tonight because I was looking at putting a roll bar in mine in future time because the roof just scares me, i know that if it rolls im gonna be like a can of sardines.Then i actually looked at my inside of my car and saw that it really not that much room for a roll bar set up. Do you know of any good websites i can look at?
thanks Josh


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na no good websites ay... hmmm just grab a welder and muck around and teach yourself how to weld.... where abouts is hackham?

i dont think u will be like sardines.. more like a can of pumkin soup!!!! na they are not 2 bad in slow rolls...


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Josh, Vitara94.

There are a wealth of good forums with lots of technical info for the Vitara (or Sidekick as it is called in the US).

Locally, there is:
outerlimits suzi section, Outer Limits 4x4 Board :: Index
Auszookers auszookers › Forums › Home
and North Brisbane Suzuki Club - Index

There are heaps more overseas in the US. Good luck fellas, they are a lot of fun, but it is hard to get used to having a wheel off the ground! Makes them very photogenic!

Here was mine



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few more pics from my trip to tazzi over new years... front tube bar finished....


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reduction gears arrived from america( trail tough 4.24:1 on friday:) sent the vitara in to get them fitted, so should have it back before friday:) gotta test em out this weekend:)


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Fellow Vitara Owner

My current project is a 95 4 door Vitara. Would love to keep in touch to compare experiences. I think the Vitara is an underated vehicle by most dedicated 4WDers, but quite capable out of the box and more so with the right set up.

Best Wishes



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reduction gears go great...... tested them out on the weekend...

gipsy they area a great car...very reliable, i have taken mine to qld quite a few times, been to fraser island, melbourne-through marysville, down to tasmania(just over christmass went there solo)

spare parts are cheap... or even better buy a second one for parts(i did) very capable and it suprises most ppl, they tell u no dont do it u wont make it, but i make it.. i have had ppl follow me through tracks that have spend 50g+ and i move over for them and they have said na i just want to watch u!!