Suzuki Grand Vitara 04


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Suzuki Grand Vitara, 04

Good Points
Small and nimble with a good right food on road and very capable off road

Bad Points
toyota and nissan drivers will give you crap and other suzuki owners...
i have 3 kids so its getting small inside

What mods have you done?
snorkel, cargo barrier, cargo roof rack, Uhf, nudge bar, towbar, 4 x spotties, trek table, front bash plate, 4inch suspension lift including diff drop bracket and panhard spacer, Cooper STTs

What mods are on the list to do?
????? working on extractors

Why did you buy this vehicle?
see good points section!

How often do you go offroad?
once evry 2 anyway but this will change

What will your next vehicle be?
New GV or old XL& with more mods


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yep it was mt Mee :), it was the first time i was at the hill and i was with a couple of newbie gv owners who had done it before and said that the hill was big so i gave it a few rpm and was airborne at one point, simple hill really :p
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2 more to go!!, yeah i like it up there but im always but im always there with newbies so i have not tested the GV :p


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that last couple of pics was out at ripply near ipswich.

and this is how the GV looks at the moment, i removed the roof rails and bolted on the rack



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LOL. Don't worry what those Toyota and Nissan steerers say mate. Us Jeep owners get the same.


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and a couple of the flex as im proud of it for a little 4b!




may catch up with some of the brissy boys down the track



Thats a tidy unit oda1! We owned a GV- v6 for a few years.
They are damn capable little mini beasts! we loved ours just got a tad small for extended trips, other than rattly cam chain tensioners it never skipped a beat.


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thanks for the kind words and i know what you mean ;), i oil the timing chain every time i hear a slight rattle and it works like a charm...