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9 months ago I received a product to review from a company I'd never heard of.
Opening the package I discovered the "SUV Doorstep."
It's designed to give better access to your roof/roof rack which is always handy.
I must admit i was VERY, VERY worried at the design! It attaches to the door striker, which (as far as I know) was not designed to be stood on.
I've scoured the internet to find out if anyone has had any issues and i have to say, i've not come across any reviews yet that suggest this tool causes damage. Have any of you legends had any dramas?
To keep my end of the bargain i made a video review of the doorstep, check it out and let me know your thoughts.


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I purchased one and have used it a couple of times when loading the roof rack on my Suzuki GV. I haven't noticed any issues with the door not latching after use or any visible damage to the door frame or step.

Being that I used to stand on the latch directly, this product makes it accessing the roof a lot safer.

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They make a hand hold which is a similar gadget for helping the elderly get into and out of cars. My sister had one for when she loaded my Dad into her car. I must say I wasn't fussed on Dad using it just as a handhold so I can't imagine standing on it. I know it's a strong point however, you would still be putting a massive amount of weight on a tiny area. So, if you weigh 90kgs that's 90kgs of force on an area of maybe no more than 10 square millimetres. Just imagine a 90kg force on your pinky! :eek:


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One of our blokes at work has one for his ute. He uses it regularly for accessing the roof rack. I tried it out (I'm 120 kg) and it felt quite secure.


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The strikerplate and surrounding area is reinforced to prevent doors opening in an accident. Thats why they use the jaws of life to cut the pillar out when they have to free someone from a wrecked car. The striker would resist 500kg of very sudden force in an accident, so standing on it would probably not do much to it