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I’m getting 20 mm spacers installed on my 2 inch front lift. I’m stuck between 2 inch or 3 inch leaf springs. I have flat tray and 2 side tool boxes which are 1700 long. I’m putting roof racks on for my ladders also. I carry air con units sometimes for work. Any suggestions??


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Consult a few suspension specialist shops and see what they recommend (Pedders, Dobinsons, etc). If you are talking about strut/coil spring spacers for your front, I'd be checking with authorities to determine whether they are legal or if installing them will change your suspension geometry or ride height to a point where police may consider them illegal/unsafe + check with your inurance company regards whther they will insure the vehicle with raised suspension (even if it is only third party-property insurance you will want to be secure knowing you are covered).