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Seen the BG show's many times.
Dont forget you have to drink it fresh :rolleyes: ;)

Note to self: If I ever get into a situation where I need to drink my own urine then I know I have failed myself at the very basic fundamental's of life in being prepared for any situation.

Being at that stage I guess I need to treat myself like a German porn show :oops:


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Far be it from me to say that Bear Grylls is a know, but...

How the hell would you be able to shove a floppy fluid filled franger up your arse?
Ask that question around midnight at a league players bar and the local scientists will have an answer for you in 5 minutes flat haha.


PLBs are so cheap, there's just no excuse if you're going so remote that you need some mad survival skills.
I'd even consider a satellite messenger. Heaps cheaper than a satellite phone.

Beyond that, water. Lots of water. I always make sure I have heaps in the car even just driving down the highway to the next town.

It's nearly 200km away and in the height of summer when it's 40+, fewer travellers, and assuming my car is broken down so no aircon, you can't have too much while waiting for help.

Travelling remote I'd still take some rations of some sort. Yeah I could survive on my body fat, but do I really want to?