Sundown National Park.............again. Covid-19.

Noel Preston

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With no work available I decided 4 days at Sundown was a good option starting last Monday, at that time I was the only one registered for the park. On arriving at the gate I was surprised to see a D5 dozer parked up after it had cut a fire break along the fenceline. It had also been cutting drainage channels and rebuilding the mounds for directing water, high they were too. Due to the rocky nature the dozer had also made the track a touch more rougher than before as it's tracks churned up many rocks leaving them fully exposed. I set my camp up at Burrows waterhole and later on that afternoon another couple turned up and camped about 500 metres from me and nobody else turned up during my stay. The river is still flowing but I couldn't hook a fish trolling up and down in my kayak. Early morning no success during the day nothing although there were a few cod leaping about. Finally on Wednesday evening I ate early and jumped in the kayak just after 5.00 and using my reddest spinner bait hooked a large cod which I managed to get to the kayak but despit 3 attempts to lift it into the kayak a mighty head butt into the side of the kayak and it dislodged the lure. I continued on fishing and on my last pass I managed to land a 40cm yellow belly, it fought hard, got it into the kayak and it promptly jumped out so I hauled it back in and it jumped out again so I hauled it back in and had it between my thighs which was a bit disconcerting as it's dorsal fin was fully extended so I manouevred down to my foot where I placed my foot gently on it and then it was dark and I mean pitch black with no moon and full cloud cover. As I left the park at 12.45 on Thursday I saw the sign on the gate informing me that the gate was to be locked 45 minutes earlier at Midday and would not reopen until June 12. I wonder if they drove through the park to see if anybody was still in there as the other couple I mentioned were staying until Friday (today). I received a text message when I was about an hour from home telling me my permit had been cancelled, what a great idea seeing as how there is no mobile service at all. Maybe the silver lining will be an increase in fish numbers.