Sunday Driven

Ozzy 35

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Sunday morn seen me & a new bunch of drivers head out to Irvinebank, had a pretty boring morn on our first track from Irvinebank to Mt Garnet, grader had gone thruough a cple weeks before, From Garnet to Lappa was the same untill Ronnie piped up about a good track off this one back to Emuford, with one of our drivers in a brand new Hilux, wasn't sure weather he'd be up for a "good " track. His comment went along the lines of " It's not a girlie car you know!!" With that 8 foutby's done a Uey & headed back for the track, only to find it was a buety.. All had a good day with new hilux gettin it's side steps bent to buggary, & me now lookin for a new pair of lower control arms as passenger side and fuel tank coped a good slapper on the rocks......Am now lookin at Snake Racin or Superior Enginering arms....anybody out there tried and tested these arms? Any feed back would be great. Cheers :)