Suggestions for the 4x4 Earth podcast 2023 Season


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Hey, 4x4 Earthers!

We are currently organising and reaching out to guests for the 2023 season of the podcast and wanted to get some community input about things that you all wanted to see (well hear, but you know what we mean).

Any key topics that you want to know about?
Any new guests you think would be interesting to have?
Maybe a previous guest you'd like to hear from again?
Any unique and new product creators you want to learn more about?

Leave any suggestions below and as we do our best to make the 2023 season of the 4x4 Earth podcast just as community-driven as ever!


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The owners / operator at Mt Dare. - Dramas with repairs
Robin Mathews - the tour guide of Maralinga
Rebecca Judd - whats the best 4wd to match your handbag at the Melbourne Cup
Ronny Dahl - youtubing and 4wds
Tim Bates - camping and the high country highlights.