Subaru shows real 4wd's up


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I hope that track is on private property. If not and there is a museum somewhere for irresponsible idiots, that lot should be on display in a prominent position. And we wonder why tracks get closed?


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Not all sube's are equal in the AWD department either. I'm guessing that was a 5 speed auto which gets the variable torque diffs(VTD) which will split up to 100% of the drive to a single wheel with traction. You could see the fronts digging. None of the '4wds' had lockers - the sube's VTD awd is similar to being twin locked. Either that or he had lockers. Add some meaningful clearance and decent rubber as old mate has and the results speak for themselves. Still zero wheel travel though so playing with proper set up 4wds is going to catch it out.


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Are they attaching that strap to a tow ball? The last recovery they just walk up to the back and drop the strap on and walks away.


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I can't remember ever when I saw a Patrol get so stuck in a puddle for nothing other than being an idiot ;)
PS i took the chicken track
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