Subaru Mechanic in Melbourne


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Hi guys.

I've got a 2006 Forester and i'm looking for a good mechanic.

I'm located in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, so local would be great, but i'm willing to drive for good advice and knowledge.

I'm not mechanically minded, so an honest mechanic would also be great. Happy to pay for good service and support local.



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see vin at subaru docklands... i know its a subaru dealership but he's as good as it gets..

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Guys I have merged the two threads together - no use having two threads with the same name if different areas.

Subaru are a special breed of car like a VW - once you find a specialist mechanic stick with them. Had a good mate who currently has 2 Suburu's and has had a few in the past. In the beginning he found a specialist dealer who was doing top notch servicing but recently he has moved to a one man band specialist. The key is finding the right mechanic


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Try Combined servicing, Garden rd Clayton. Do yourself a favour and stay away from the big dealerships especially Docklands!