Stupid NPWS Camping Fees


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Talking to the wife about taking a few days off in January to do some camping. So I thought I’d give Yengo National Park a try, as haven’t camped there before. Apparently you need to get a key to access the area. Anyway, I had a look at this campground: Just has basic facilities (drop dunny and fireplaces). Then I saw the fees they want to charge. They want nearly $50 a night for the campsite, $10 for the ranger to post out a key, and $22 “administration charge”!
Safe to say I won’t be camping there. Don’t know why I bother paying for my annual parks pass.

Paddler Ed

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I suspect that the admin fee is if the booking is cancelled; that $22 basically covers the card processing and a bit of staff time managing the booking, as well as providing an incentive not to cancel at the last minute - meaning lost revenue.

The key postage fee can be avoided by picking it up on your way there if you plan carefully; otherwise $10 to cover the postage (which is probably recorded delivery) isn't too bad...