Storage Drawers - with power system


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Hi Munsie love the drawers getting some built for my canopy and was just wondering what sort of Perspex slides you used and where you got them? also wondering did u use something to stop the drawers sliding all the way out , cheers.


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Hi, the perspex slides came from a supplier that fits out factories for where metal slides or moves past other objects, company was Transpower in Wodonga VIC as a help to what type of supplier could help. The perspex allows the drawers to slide easily although not so easily that they fallout, the slides were really done so the timber didn't chew out the timber base and sides of the box. I suppose I am used to how far to pull them out and when closed the latch keeps the locked in. I didn't go with the metal rails as I need it all to come apart easily and quickly for storage. Good luck with your build, share photos when done.


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Just completed drawers for my sons Navara, would i do it again, no way, first stop would be Kings as my time is worth money
Draws were 1400mm long with side wings, the point i would like to make is i only used 12mm for top and sides and for draw bases, all other is 7mm. I could stand on them and no deflection, plus i could lift the entire unit myself
Just trying to say in a long winded way is people are unecessarily over engineering their product


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Thanks guys,

its all wood (construction ply) 17mm for most parts. 12mm for the base panel and the boxing in under the wings. All joints screwed and glued.

For glue, I can highly recommend "SikaBond - TechGrip" it's a polyurethane glue that expands into the wood as at dries. Screws hold everything in place and under compression while the glue dries, but on a test joint, I actually removed the screws and tried to break the joint. when it did finally break, it was the ply that broke, not the joint. That really gave me confidence in this glue, especially as butt joining ply is not considered a very strong joint as 50% of the ply thickness will be end grain.

Anyone on or near the Gold Coast is welcome to take a closer look or see me for ideas on their own project.

Yes, lots of planning, especially when it came to making the most of the space. I tried to draw up plans but in the end I downloaded a free 3D drawing package called "Sketchup", the free version is all you need, I spent about an hour working through the online tutorials and then designed the whole thing on computer.

It was a huge advantage and being able to draw things exactly to size also meant that there was no doubt once I started cutting panels.

Here's what I designed in Sketchup
View attachment 21367

you can get it at SketchUp | 3D for Everyone and it's available for both Windows and Mac :D

next project for me will be the suspension :cool:
Hi there Craig,

would you possibly still have this sketch up file you could send to me to open so I can have a look myself please