Storage Drawers - with power system

Awesome work

Love the setup mate. Rear drawers in the 60 is high up on my to do list and I know I'll be checking back here for ideas! Great write up
thanks everyone for the compliments.

no, I don't mind if you use my ideas, I shared in the hopes that it would benefit the community :)

hints/tips, ummm lets see, "measure twice, cut once" LOL
Ive already recommended the glue and ply that I used, I can tell you where to get the tiedown tracks from in Australia at a very fair price.

Carpet was the budget $20/meter stuff from bunnings. I think its called "cabin carpet", I chose it because it is a bit thinner than marine carpet which meant it was easier to fold around corners and edges. Contact glue is a *****.......... but I used a product called "Parfix Fast Grip contact adhesive". I chose this over the regular selleys brand because the Parfix has a good reputation and is both heat and water resistant (only time will tell)

As I said in a previous post, I highly recommend drawing p a scale 3d model of your project in Sketchup. The time you spend learning to use it and creating the 3D computer model is well worth the effort.

I am happy to post the file of my model, but you will need to install sketch up to use my file. The advantage of looking at my file is that you will be able to see how I rebated drawer runners to minimise wasted space. for example, drawer runners are about 20mm thick so one each side and you lose 40mm of usable space inside your drawer width, but with a little thought and a router, you can easily get 32mm of that back, simply rebate the runners 8mm into the cabinet sides and 8mm into the drawer sides, that still leaves you 9mm of ply thickness to fix the runners to, for greater fastening strength, I used countersunk head bolts with "t nuts" since these pull flush into the ply. I also used the same (bolt/tnut) fastening for my battery tray and compressor.

So, 3D model available if anyone wants it and I can do closeup photos of anything that anyone has questions on. I'f you're on or near the Gold Coast QLD, then your also welcome to come and have a look.

Thanks for the interest in my project

do you still have the file mate? love a copy.
Awesome set up, full of great ideas.

I am planning a drawer system for my Hilux that will include:
Duel battery
solar charging
Alternator Charging
Water pump
Air Compressor
240V invertor
and you have definitly helped me with some great ideas.

I am a little curious about the wiring with the front and rear red anderson plugs, my understanding is the front red anderson is to connect a 2nd battery (parralled from aux battery) and the rear one is connected to a solar charger for solar panels, are you willing to post a wiring diagram of how you have set it up?

Thank You.
So here we are 5 1/2 years later and the Jackie is going to a new owner. She has been a great vehicle and the drawers have certainly stood the test of time. I did upgrade the inverter to a 1000/2000W model but everything else remained the same and is all still in perfect working order.

We are off to Germany for 4 months and when we get back, we will be settling into South Australia (Barossa Valley) so I'll be looking for another 4WD when we settle in and I'll be doing a similar build for that. Thinking it might be a Prado this time but I'll need to look for an older model (before they started putting the 3rd row seats under the floor).

I don't have a lot of Prado knowledge so if anyone has any suggestions of years/models that were better than others or best engine to look for etc etc, I'm ready to learn as much as possible before buying.