Stopping car radio aerial breakages


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G'day all,

If you're like me, you have probably broken or bent the odd car radio aerial while driving off road. I have a 96 NJ Pajero GLS and it has a switch on the dash to lower the aerial to half mast. This has helped in the past, but branches are stronger than aerials and I have still managed to bend one or two beyond repair :(:(:(

While rewiring the car sound system, I noticed a blue lead coming out the back of the unit with a fuse in it. This was not the power supply, so I pulled the fuse while the unit was on, and the aerial went all the way down. The power remained and the CD kept playing.

Most places I go off road do not have radio reception, so the CD is usually the only option if you want music.

All I have done is cut this wire and spliced a longer length to each end. The other ends I have attached to the rear of a switch that I have put into one of the empty places on the dash. Picked up a suitable switch at Repco for a couple of bucks. Certainly cheaper than an aerial. This allows me to keep power to the unit for CD's, but to have the aerial fully retracted, rather than half mast or fully extended when not needed.

Just thought I would post this in case it helps anyone out.


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To late!!!!!

mines been buggered for years. Good work though. I'm sure that same would apply to most modern vehicles.


even better solution is to be rid of the aerial all together.
Jay Car sell a rubber replacement a great option.

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Just snap it off and replace it with a wire coat hanger, they're nice and cheap to replace and can even have other uses...


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Most late model units and after market cd/dvd/radio have auto aerials anyway. As soon as we hit the bush the VMS loads up Ozi Ex and we switch to all Elise's music on USB. Aerial goes straight down as soon as radio is switched off. Then all we have to worry about is the big white uhf that I call the tree lopper.


like you i've broken many radio ariels offroad, the lux has a manual one that doesn't come up automatically so i just keep it down and have no problems :)