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After 10 or so years the StoneStomper on my Karavan was looking very much the worse for wear.

Having originally been custom made and having done its job perfectly for those 10 years, I wanted an identical replacement but with a couple of minor mods.

Just prior to Christmas I sent my old one to Christian at the factory, with my request and instructions. I got the brand spanking new one back today. There no discussion of a fee - I was prepared to pay whatever the cost turned out to be - and in today's package there was no invoice.

So I sent the following email:

Hello Christian,
I received my StoneStomper today – thank you very much.
It is totally remade, but there was no invoice in the package, nor has there been any mention of a fee.
Surely this cannot be FOC. What do I owe you?
Regards, etc

and received the following reply:

No charge mate just mention us if anyone asks.
Thanks again

This is stunning service and deserves recognition, so here it is.
Usual disclaimer - no affiliation, just a VERY satisfied customer.



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Just fitted a Stone Stomper to my camper in preparation for our next trip in our new vehicle.
The customer service from Christian at Stone Stomper was exemplary. Their product is first class.
Highly recommend.


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SIL started Melb. through SA picked up stone stomper and then on to Esprance WA. Goes great and reckons easy put on and take off in seconds :D
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Our last trip before Covid, I didn't latch on of those clips, that run across the front of the mesh curtain, to the back of my vehicle properly.
The clip dragged on the ground until it wore away completely, e-mailed Stone Stomper, and they sent me 3 instead of just one, and no charge.
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