Stolen Gsxr 600 Sa


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Stolen Saturday night. as i didint even check it sunday due to being out and about

Has Pirelli Diablo Tires with polished rim lips. Tinted screen Alloy oggy knobs and mesh inserts in the fairing vents. Cut down Yoshi RS3 exhaust. Aftermarket tail lighst and indicators and a tidy tail set up. plus Ventura rack.

it had the rear passenger seat on it when stolen

rego YYJ098

contact me on 0415152415 or the police


quite a noticeable sounding bike

YouTube - DelusionL's Channel
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Jees Del hope you get it back in one peice and it hasn't been floged too much, hope you had it insured mate, there a a lot of Low Lifes around.


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the bike is very distinguishable. so hopes of a return arnt high.. suspecting it will get chopped and parted out.



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nothing yet mate. the theft and me are both under full investigation by insurance company as it was stolen from home. it sucks you pay these pack of pricks dam good money.. soon as something goes wrong they dam near accuse you of doing it then rub your face in shit every time theres contact with them .

not an enjoyable time so far.


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that is crap, they sure seem to be draging this out though. isn't it if it is not found within 14 days they pay you out.