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Stolen 60 series from Mernda

Harden Crew

New Member
For anyone in the Mernda area my son had his 60 series cruiser stolen Saturday night. He is an interstate truck driver and had left his sixty at the rear of the Mernda Pub earlier in the week whilst he was doing his trip, he has left his truck there on weekends and vehicle there before with no problems. The sixty is brown with twin headlights black bullbar and black rims, lifted 2" and 285/75/16 maxxis bighorns and tinted windows, the passengers window is not tinted. rego number was YBJ 127 but the plates were stolen thursday or friday he was informed. In the cruiser was his swag and a fair bit of his stuff as he was moving house this weekend. The cruiser was owned by a mate of mine then my step son then me and now my son and was to come back to me if ever sold so we would like it back. I will try and put up a picture.



New Member
tis supposed to be the season for giving..... not f**ken thievin....hope ya catch the scumbags that done it ( hopefully before the cops do, maybe that way they will learn the error of theirs ways )