Stockman Pod Trailer - DIY Upgrade Installations


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3.7-4.5KG Gas Bottle Holders
I use Swap-n-Go gas bottles to keep things simple and easily available, so i've mounted up two gas bottle holders on my rig.

Due to availability, they ended up being two different units

Oztrail 4.5KG - $53 + shipping
This unit is solid with a more sturdy latch and frame, however due to its dimensions and layout it does sit about 1.5cm lower and mounting it requires multiple issues to be overcome. Requires a bolt to be uncentered on the rear frame which I dont personally like (aesthetics). It also requires the back of the unit to be packed out away from the trailer so you can still open it.

Wanderer 4.5KG - $35 with easy local pickup
This unit is slightly less solid in its frame and latch, but still more than enough strength for the job. This one does require you to cut the latch bolt down so that you can clamp the unit tight enough to firmly grab the 3.7KG swap n go bottles. The mounting of this unit is better as you can center the side bolt with the rear frame and the latch is centred. To fit the code padlocks I wanted I had to drill out the latch pin holder slightly larger to fit.


I would 100% go with the Wanderer every time as the latch sits centred, it's solid enough and the install is much neater, not to mention it's cheaper. They simply didn't have them in stock and they said they wouldn't for the next 4 months, however that clearly all changed, as I got it 1 month later! Still happy with both installs.

For both units, I used 8mm x 80mm bolts with nylon nuts and washers. I cold galv sprayed each drill on both the holders and the trailer frame.

I cut down the rear bolts to 65mm.


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  • ISI 4x4x4 bike rack mounted up and over the front tool box
  • New 45mm axle with offroad electric brakes. I'll be keeping the axle underslung as the clearance is already at 340mm to the axle which is more than suitable for my needs at current.
  • Elecbrake Bluetooth brake controller
Towball download is at around 70KG which is within the zone (5-10%) at 9.3% of the 750KGs I was hauling.
With the bike rack I believe I'll be up at around 110KG at current, so I'll be working on my pack a little more carefully to try offset it, whilst maintaining bulk weight around the axles.


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For around $80 on ebay you can get a new spare tyre winch, like what they have under the back of utes. I'd imagine the wreckers have a few too. Get one with a chain as they are less inclined to fail than the wire cable type.

Most I've looked at look like they will just need 2 bolts in from the top. In a ute the winch handle would come in from the back, but the way that rail runs you'd probably end up with it pointing side, but I doubt that would be a deal breaker. You might want to do some fabrication to get a bit more strength into it as 30kg of spare dangling off that existing structure as the trailer bounces around would be a bit of a strain, but if they are happy to hang a wheel off just 1 bolt from the factory...

This is the sort of thing, this one is off a hilux... $75... couldn't buy the materials for that.

View attachment 68882

Nice! I did see the other 'pod trailer' company selling these with their spares.
After mounting the spare up with a high tensile bolt, i'm really not that concerned, its like literally glued to the undercarriage, and you'd have to snap a 12mm high tensile bolt or break the chassis underneath to get it down through forces. Both I feel fairly confident will not occur due to the fact the trailer is sitting on leaf springs which take out those most vicious of bumps. (you can see for peace of mind I put a safety chain in place however)

The main issue you would have with this unit, is placement, its really tight underneath with zero room to put the unit.


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Most of it fits inside the wheel dish when its winched up, you do need a straight run to the winder bit though.


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@cricker, how did you go with the struts in the end. Am looking to do this and would love to know the end result. Also, how did the gas bottle holders hold up? I was thinking of doing it that way, but worried that the build quality on those would give up and the gas bottle would fall out!!:eek: