Stock 16" wheels


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Hi All,

Picked up a 1996 Courier 2.5lt diesel which currenlty has alloy 15" rims (came with the vehicle) 265/70 R15 Nexen AT. I can't see the tyre walls lasting long offroad with the current setup!

My understanding is that this model came with 16" rims standard?

The Courier is used mostly around town with weekends out to our property and a few fishing trips. Its not being used for hard core off roading and will be kept pretty much stock.

Wondering if I should get a set of quality tyres for the existing 15" and drop the tyre width or get a set of stock 16" and fit standard (good quality) 205-215/70 R16 tyres?

Question is stick with 15" or change back to 16" rims?