STIHL or HUSQVARNA chainsaw?


STIHL 250 wood boss and the gear that came with it :D:D:D



G'day harmo, its easy to find... ITS BRIGHT ORANGE! haha nah its a great little saw. perfect for the 4wd. chopped through 600mm logs with it, takes a few gos but does it so fast and easy. logs any bigger i reckon they can stay there! only used it for firewood so far and has been a little beauty. i got everything you see in that pic for $799
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Thanks for the info bainsy. but I have actually gone the other way, and picked up a Husqvarna 450 e-series. Gotta love the strength of the Aussie dollar. I'm buying from the states for a little over AU$550 delivered. Now just gotta be patient and wait for it. :)


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I have had a Stihl Magnum for 15 years and it has never missed a beat. It gets used heaps.
I have a smaller Stihl 180 i use for camping, and it runs great, i did have a problem with the throtle, where the wire was slipping off, took it back and they changed the throtle wire with a different one becouse they were having problems with them, all good now. and they are a cheap saw.


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I have a husky 55 and it is just perfect for me. I can use it all day. It is beautifully balanced. I used to use a stihl and that was a quality saw also. The secert of a good chainsaw is balance IMO.
Just for a giggle, I recently lent my husky out and it came back with a broken bar bolt (yeah I know more fool me). I had to thread the new one through the oil tank. Sheesh!! The only other alternative is to split the case and I wasn't doing that.

You bought well IMO.:)