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Hi all can someone please tell me if the 4x4EARTH stickers are still available? I filled out the details and submitted it a long time ago but nothing has come all the best ...Cheers

Shunter Dave

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Hi ive been waiting for 2 months for the stickers too.I did get a email saying they were on back order and will be sent when they get them.

Hi i got my stickers today 3.7.09 in the mail.Thankyou and they look great too.David :)
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Ok thanks Grumpy.
When I drive around of a night in a Safeway truck i look at every 4x4 to see if it has a sticker on it, so if you get a wave or a flash of the lights it could be me, look forward to meeting some of you maybe on a day out some time...Cheers


i also submitted my details about 2 months ago
still waiting but as i heard the sticker has been redesigned ill keep waiting and maybe ill get the new one with australia on it


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I'm with you Grey Ghost. I think ours were lost in the mail :rolleyes::rolleyes:
Suppose we could always buy a couple from the shop ;);)