Sth Aus Pt Gawler?


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went to Pt Gawler last Christmas when visiting my folks
didn't stay long as was low on fuel
drove past the off rd park & turned right(also did a bit of exploring to the left)
found an easy sandy track with a few creek crossings
lots of humps in the track

anyone else go out there?

& how do you get into the CP?


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Used to go there with the bikes, I think it is open again but its bikes only(off road track), the tracks around are heavily policed so dont go there now. was fun to play out on the flats when the tide was out. A mate broke something once so I gave him a smelly mud rooster across the face while he was under the bonnet! was fun in a two wheel drive! They should do something for us out there it isn't used for anything else!


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I have been out the back of the bike area several times, and have a Geocaching cache hidden out there. Its called: PG4WD Take 2 GC Code: GC1HA92
Two 2WD Vehicles trying to get to the cache have paid several hundred dollars to get towed out of there after not heeding the 4WD only warning.

If you want to have a look out there, the starting point is from here S34 38.911 E138 26.661 which is in the Port Gawler Conservation Park. There are some water crossings, and a lot of Humpty doos to roll over. Just do not go inside the fence line of the Bike park, there is a bloke that goes bunta at you if you do.

We actualy did a 4WD course in the bike area which was approved and had a ball, maybe if some knows the Manager that leases the area we could arrange a play.

I also took a Sahara Cruiser from a car yard for a test drive through here, just had to hose it down before retruning it.:D:D:D

I'll include pictures in my 5th post :cool:
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Test drive of a Cruiser at Port Gawler SA, I didn't buy it, told the sales man I was looking for a newer one and with a lot of fruit.