Squeeking Steering wheel on NM Pajero


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My NM Paj (2001) has a squeeking steering wheel when it is turned, particularly frst thing in the morning and when it is cold (well it can get cold in Sydney!!!). Any of you learned fellows got a bright idea as to what might cause this and how to fix it?




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Is this from the steering wheel area, power steering pump or rack?

If around the steering wheel there is a plastic type bush which is just behind the wheel which in my Holden and Mazda had a build up of rubbish which caused it. If you have air bags you will need to read your service manual


Are u sure it's not your power steering pump screeching and does it only do it on full lock.


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Have same problem, was a build up of many years of dust and crap, cleared it all up no more squeaking