Spun steel camp ovens


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I have spent my life with cast iron camp ovens and always looked down on the Bedourie as a bit of a poor cousin.
I picked up a kings (Australian metal spinners) Bedourie a while back as a frypan cum anything utensil to go in the Ute kitchen, and used it successfully for a meal or two on a recent trip, but we have just come back from Easter on nth Stradbroke island and it has done pancakes, steaks, chicken mignons, sausages, panko crumbed squid rings, honey soy
chicken kebabs and fried breakfasts without breaking a sweat and more importantly, without anything sticking. I am an absolute convert. I bought it to see what the fuss was about and I’m glad I did.

how the pic got there I have no clue, I’ve had a couple of sherbets haha. Pardon the pooch too.


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Yep, have had one for years. Wouldn't say better than cast iron, but much easier to store and no fear of breaking. Also, more versatile because both top and bottom can be used separately.

I seasoned mine in the home oven - many coats of olive oil later, it's now like a highly varnished piece of furniture and more non-stick than Teflon. (Needs to be renewed after a while, particularly if cooking acidic foods e.g. tomato-based sauces, etc.

The only beef I have is, it becomes really unbalanced because of the CoG. A pair of long handle pliers/multi grips are probably better/safer than the wire handle.


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I think the thing is the spun steel one actually comes along, where the cast ones only get dragged out for specific trips and then only generally for roasting in my case. The weight thing is big for me, and yes, I think the lid is the only part I have used so far. Mine got seasoned in the Weber Q.