Spun Steel Camp Oven

Finally had a chance to try out the oven using coals from the fire.

Did a roast chicken, it was nice and brown on top but could of used a bit more heat underneath to brown up the bottom. Still it cooked well and was very tasty.

The potato bake was a success, maybe could have done with a little more heat on top.

The cob loaf turned out a little flatter than usual but it was a cold miserable day and I had trouble finding a warn place for the dough to rise. The texture was ok though and had a crisp brown crust.

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Again great looking food, camp cooking is really an art form, getting to know how much under/top heat is needed, when or if more coals are needed.

On one of my latest trip my mate & I wanted to try making pizza from scratch with yeast dough & cook in a normal cast oven(his, I don't own one yet but will be getting one of these spun ones eventually)

Worked pretty good really but yeh we had to really get it stoked up as its not a long cook.
Still needed a bit more top heat.

Its amazing what you can do in a camp oven if you put your mind to it :D
Camp oven pizza.jpg

Camp oven pizza 2.jpg