Spun Steel Camp Oven


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Finally had a chance to try out the oven using coals from the fire.

Did a roast chicken, it was nice and brown on top but could of used a bit more heat underneath to brown up the bottom. Still it cooked well and was very tasty.

The potato bake was a success, maybe could have done with a little more heat on top.

The cob loaf turned out a little flatter than usual but it was a cold miserable day and I had trouble finding a warn place for the dough to rise. The texture was ok though and had a crisp brown crust.

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Again great looking food, camp cooking is really an art form, getting to know how much under/top heat is needed, when or if more coals are needed.

On one of my latest trip my mate & I wanted to try making pizza from scratch with yeast dough & cook in a normal cast oven(his, I don't own one yet but will be getting one of these spun ones eventually)

Worked pretty good really but yeh we had to really get it stoked up as its not a long cook.
Still needed a bit more top heat.

Its amazing what you can do in a camp oven if you put your mind to it :D
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I use one of these below, just Google the temps for chicken, beef etc and stick the probe in, no guessing, no over cooking.

Mate I can't be stuffed going to the effort but I'd sit there and eat it if you offered...:p
Yep I can see that a temp probe could be useful for roasts etc.
Look on the bright side , you didn't destroy it . Its all trial and error with new equipment , bet the next ones turn out heaps better .
P.S, Looks pretty good if you ask me . :):):)
I am being a bit too cautious with the heat underneath i think, as you say practise should make all the difference. Looking forward to plenty of practise. :)


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Hungry? This was bloody good.

Home made Meat loaf , pork mince , carrots, onion , apple, parsley , cheese - wrapped in bacon. Served alongside some veggies marinated in garlic powder & vegetable salts / oil.

Obviously out bush so not exactly plated well but very tasty at sunset by a fire.
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Camp oven cooking is awesome. Some times my biggest mistake is adding to many ingredients thinking the more the better for flavor but you have balance it.


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"Some times my biggest mistake is adding to many ingredients thinking the more the better for flavor but you have balance it. "

I make the same mistake with beer, wine and Scotch... (not in the camp oven, of course...).
Wine added to the camp oven can be good for flavor. We have been known to but beer in there as well lol. Needs liquid closest thing beer poor it in.


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Fair point, I HAVE used all three in the oven, just not all at once! Beer in the damper, wine in stews and once... a Scotch and raspberry steamed pudding!



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I just ordered one of these from Heat Beads for $35 delivered. Holds up to 30 - 40 heat beads and folds flat.
Reviews have been good and it saves on space.