Spring run on the Mid North Coast 21-24 September


Toss a coin and lock it in Dickie.
Done... sort of anyway.
We will leave it as it is (sorry Pete and Luthy). Think it's too late to start changing weekends now. Friday 21/9 to Monday 24/9 it is.
SO just checking, who are confirmed starters?????
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I'm a maybe Richard. Under the pump at work but should be able to to take either the Friday or Monday off (not both unfortunately :mad:). I'll confirm closer to the date.


I have updated the OP with a few more details. Also a link to the meeting point in Kew and links to the campsites for general info. If anyone has any questions about this trip feel free to ask.


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Not sure what's happening with work - but we may be based in Grafton when this is on. If we are, and we haven't taken delivery of the Sierra by then we might give the Paj one last fling...