spent a few nights out on the bridle track


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took off for a few days to test out the truck & setup, first night i stayed at Burrendong dam just to get organized & make sure i had everything i needed, then next morning i came back home to pick up a couple of things before heading over towards Mudgee & onto Hill End, well i can tell you that my truck doesn't like all those hills heading out to hill end lol, some of the hills were so steep i ended up in 2nd gear doing 40k's, I felt like a grey nomad only i wasn't towing a van :) the joys of owning an early 4.0 2h diesel cruiser :)
my dog Dust & i spent a couple of hours in Hill End having lunch & then headed off towards Sofala stopping a few times along the Turon river checking out future camp sites, we then headed towards Bathurst & out to the Bridle track, I set up camp about a kilometer away from the land slip which now looks like it has a chicken track going around it that looked to be fairly well used, we stayed 3 nights before heading over to Ophir where we had lunch before heading over to mookerawa but it was really busy with boats & skiers so i decided to head back home & will be heading over to do some fosicking at stuart town common later in the week, the truck went pretty good for its first real test clocking up over 600 kilometers, had a few small dramas with the handbrake not fully releasing so had to disconnect the handbrake cable from the backing plates to stop the drums getting hot and will install the new handbrake cable i already have this week, second problem is the vacuum hose coming off the rear of the alternator has sprung a leak and leaking oil which has reduced the vacuum to the brake booster making the pedal hard so will get a new hose tomorrow & fix that as well, the third problem isn't really a problem but more of a disapointment, I dad two large kangaroos jump out in front of me during the day just out of Orange on my way home, I moved to the left as they were jumping to the right and i cleaned up one of those steel marker posts, the ones that were once plastic, so the result of that is i have a nice big scratch back to the metal down the left side of the cab guard and door, should be able to touch it up without to much trouble but was a bit of a downer after 600k's of trouble free cruising :)
anyway here's a short clip from our campsite on the bridle track, sorry for the crappy footage, next investment will be a decent camera :)


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Hey Barnsey, thanks for posting this, my old stomping ground from 30 years ago. Boy, the Macquarie sure looks low. I must try find my pic of crossing the Mac at Root Hog one day. But seriously.....Roo Poo :eek: