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I have an ra rodeo 05
So when I am driving under 40k’s there is a high pitch sqealing/squeaking but goes away when going over 40k and the squeak happens randomly coming from the wheel wells sounds like brake squeaking but I’m not touching the brakes I have no idea what it could be seeing if anyone would know what it would be


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Brake pad is what comes to mind for me first. when it is next making the noise try applying a bit of brake pedal and see if it stops.


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Btw we had the same issue on our RA work rodeo I thought it was a bearing, it was the pad wear indicator


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You said wheel wells, do you mean both sides or just one? Is it front or rear? Does it start the moment the car moves? If it does then jack a wheel up and turn it by hand. If it squeals then have a look at the brake, it could be something like a stick caught in it. I have seen that happen a few times.

It could also be the fan belt slipping. See if you can hear it by reving the engine suddenly from idle with the car stationary.


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I looked at the thread title and assumed the thread would be about your wife :oops:
Slight dragging of a brake pad ?


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Very common on ra/rc. Mine had it most of the time. Could be all of the above. Bearings also get end play and the disk rotor rubs slightly. Ask on an Isuzu/Holden specific forum. I ended up living with it until I got rid of it. Get it checked out though in case it isn’t the same issue.


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At least its only a squeak, I had that model for 3 years, 2 engine replacements, over 15 visits back to the dealer, 4 months with loan cars, 16l / 100 fuel consumption and up to 2.5l oil /1000km, tow bar nearly fell off and the rear tub wiring nearly burnt the car to the ground
And people bag LR, now thats funny

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Sounds like brake pads, bearing noise doesn't normally come and go as you described.
Whatever it is you need to get someone in the know to have a look at it and have it rectified.
It's a bit late when you suddenly find you can't stop or get overtaken by your own wheel and tyre.