Spare wheel bag suggestions


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I finally got my spare mounted on the back of my cruiser again and that means i can put 1 or 2 wheel bags on again
I have been using the supercheap wheel bags and they have done the job ok but dont fit 35s very well at all.

Any recommendations for wheel bags that fit 35s and preferably the type that covers the top of the tyres?

I purchased mine from Infront Camping. It consists of a canvas wheel cover and a separate rubbish bag that clips onto the wheel cover. Being a two-part system, it means that I don't have the bag flapping around when its empty. another good thing is that the wheel cover has a couple of large pockets on it where I can stash plastic garbage bags and other bits and pieces for quick access when needed. Link to the bag -


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I have a Red Back they fit a 35". just make shore when you buying one that the top (lid) is over size as when the bag gets full it doesn't want to close if its the perfect fit. make shore it has good drainage. mine when full the top flap doesn't cover too well and has a eyelet For water drainage in the middle asdwell


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Not sure if there is a size for bigger tyres. Mine was 32" now I went back to 31" . I have had a bushranger for some years now, cost around $70.00 at a fourby show. Attached by adjustable webbing that has lock in clips. Made of a vinyl sort of, big heavy duty zipper arond the top which folds over. has drain doles in the bottom, very easy to clean exterior with pressure hose and wash out interior, especially when I carry dirty , sloppy, rubbish. I don't carry recovery gear in it as it is a rubbish bin:). Over the years parked outside not under cover, always fitted, never taken off and material etc. is as good as new.
Bushranger rubbish bag.JPG

Drainage holes underneath.
Bushranger rubbish bag (4).JPG
We've had a Bushranger bag for about 6yrs, we liked it a lot but the only thing was that it kept slipping down the wheel over time. It was always on, camping or not, and I was finding that I had to re-hang it about every three months around town or about every few days when it had some good weight in it. In the end we used a assortment of cable ties to get it to stay but the clips just let go after about 5yrs so (more cable ties to the rescue) and now we're looking for a replacement. If the bag had a way to positively stop it from slipping I'd get another without thinking, but as it is I wouldn't get a Bushranger again. [edit] looking now to see if we can get a canvas shop to make a sleeve to fit over the spare wheel and sew it on to our old Bushranger bag, since the bag itself is still in very good shape.