Space blanket


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I did a work first aid course the other day which reminded me of the space blanket that was popular years ago. When I asked about their usefulness I was told every car/truck/4x4/tractor/light plane should have one or two in the first aid box or clove box.

I got one from Aussie disposals. Under $10!! Rays didn't have them.


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Agreed Losty. Have one in the First Aid kit, and a couple I use as ground sheets for the tent.
Great invention, not as good as Beer, but pretty close.:):D


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great invention, got two in the quad kit, a couple in the car and first aid kits in the boat. Damn they are warm and have used them in anger but your right you nearly never hear of them about much nowadays..


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Worth their weight in Hot Cocky Shit @ any Accident scene. which is why a good first aid kit should be mandatory in every vehicle


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check your first aid kit

another timely reminder for all and sundry to check your first aidkits.
I go thru mine regulary and have a heap of extras.
check yours often know whats in them and what to do with them
replace your rubber gloves ,yeah with ones that fit you
have it but dont use is the best way