South Ripley binnies road (Ipswich)

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Just spent the morning out at south Ripley Binnie's road. Nice little spot! Pleanty of tracks to hit, some real hardcore tracks for the bigger trucks as well. Not for my little stock jeep! Few trucks out there today also.
Definitely be heading out again next weekend if anyone's interested.


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You don't call your 4wd a "truck" ??
Me ,personally No I don't. I know it very American and used alot. All good though you can call your 4wd what ever you like.. Its just that I might like to give that term a bit of a tickle as I find it amusing..
You change 4 "truck" tyres in a 1hr period and you soon understand what 1 (like myself) call a "truck", is very different to what you may call a truck. ;)

It's awesome your enjoying your "truck". or 4wd in my eyes. Around my fire it makes absolutely no difference (as long as you can take some ribbing) all are welcome specially those that get out and explore. Keep getting out is what its all about.

"keep the shiny side up".



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That looks like a station wagon to me. Nothing like a truck. If you drove a truck you would certainly notice the difference. And no, I don't call my ute a truck.
Didn't realise so many of you guys got "Karen" triggered over the term "truck"..... Next time I'll use the right terminology for you ladies to help prevent a all out cat fight.