South Coast NSW - Currowan Forest


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Our group of five cars and a camper trailer left Canberra on Friday arvo and headed down the Kings Hwy towards the South Coast. I won’t give away exact locations but in general, camp for Friday night was in a clearing down a dead end track in Currowan Forest not far off the Kings Highway. The creek camp we had planned for was taken and not worth the hassle trying to squeeze in. We had a nice big fire that night.

The next morning we were surprised at how sparse the bush was after the fires went through there., so often the undergrowth comes back hard making it impossible to walk into the bush. The ferns and some natives had come back but generally it was quite easy to explore around camp.

The plan for the day was to go in search of some old gold mines in the area. We hit the road and crossed the creek. The first stop was at a dead end track that heads down to one of the creeks. It turned out to be a beautiful spot that allows you to walk right up to the waters edge. This spot really was incredible, deep clear water, rack walls across the other side and a fast flowing rapids just down stream.

Next stop was the mines. These are mostly unmarked and are quite dangerous. One has a gradual entrance that allows you to climb down if you are adventurous. The shaft continues horizontally, but it has started to collapse in places. We found many others around the area and one seemed to be quite deep - maybe 10m at a guess.

We stopped for lunch on one of the creeks.

After lunch we were off for a bit of a 4wd loop along a Ridgeline before ending up at a lookout that is close to Shallow Crossing Campground. The loop had some really nice scenery and a couple of creek crossings. One of them was really slippery which forced us to drive hard to get out. At the lookout there are some mild 4wd tracks up each side. A few of us played on those before we hit camp.

Shallow Crossing Campground is a payed camp on the Clyde River. Nice big grassy areas that can get very busy in summer. Winter there is usually plenty of space. We had a huge fire and a bit of a cook. Dessert was named ‘BUSH JAM DONUTS’ - they are cooked on the fire in the camp oven and are well worth a try - recipe is in the video.

The morning was foggy but cleared to a fine day. We planned to head back towards the Princes Highway and drive a powerlines track adjacent the highway all the way up to ‘Old Blotchy’ the huge spotted gum tree. The start of the powerline track was fun with a very soft bog hole eating 3 out of 5 cars. The powerline track is pretty tame with no major obstacles all the way north to the big tree. The gummy is supposedly 400years old and it is definitely worth a look. You’ll find it if you do a bit of research.



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Always good to watch the local stuff Lewy... ages since i have been down the big gum, glad it survived the fires.