some pics of my old 4by


some pics of my old Prado

In case anyones interested some pics of my old Prado in action


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Great to see some shots of a Prado that isn't parked in a shopping Looks like you had some great fun in that one Steve????:D:D:D


Thanks they are a very underestimated vehicle some of the places I took that it even surprised me although it was not stock of coarse but it did well Cheers Steve


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I remember when I bought my previous 4wd, a Ford Explorer. People told me a whole lot of terrible stuff about Explorers, and I guess to some extent I believed them. That was until I found myself accidently on a local forest road without back up or recovery gear, a deadly uphill track that was wet and slippery with numerous axle deep bog holes (and highway tyres of course). I faltered, my wife encouraged me: "You've done it 'undreds of times before. Besides you can ring home for help with the mobile!" Well I really pushed the Explorer and it came through brilliantly. Just as well, I got home to find the mobile on the table! Ooops! Regards Tats


The early model Explorers were trouble, hence their nickname "Exploders". Glad to hear you had no trouble!:)