SOLVED - Intermittent Rattle/ Pinging On Acceleration


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Hello Gents,

New member here, I have had a look around the PJ/PK area and have done much Googling but cannot seem to find an answer to my query so I thought I would post here to see if someone could help me.

CAR: 2008 PJ Ranger XL 4X4, 165,000kms, serviced 2000kms ago, timing belt done by previous owner at 120,000kms.

Basically, as the title states, when accelerating from a stop, and sometimes when turning, I can hear a rattle/ pinging sound from the front of the car when under load. It's an intermittent problem that seems to happen randomly on take off from a stop and sometimes when turning, and it seems like it only happens at specific situations (revs/ clutch/ accelerator all have to be in the right spot).

I have taken it to my mechanic twice who hasn't come back with an answer for me (he said not to worry about it), and the only real answer I've seemed to get out of Google is that is might be my "dual mass flywheel", but there are reports that even when people have replaced theirs to fix the noise, they still experience the noise they've spent all that money to fix.

Any help, links would be much appreciated, or if you need any more information please let me know!


PS. Just a little side question, does anyone know what the PJ Ranger factory chrome bullbars are made of? Is it stainless steel? Steel? Or Aluminium?
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Without physically looking at the car and listening to the sound, It's going to be hard for anyone to do anything other than throw guesses at you unfortunately mate...

On that note, I'll throw my guess in too! hah.. If it sounds like "pinging," it could potentially be that the engine is running lean ie the air/fuel ratio is out of whack. This can ultimately cause some pretty serious engine problems, so I'd recommend perhaps going to a different mechanic for a second opinion - make sure they hear the sound.


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Hi Warby,

Thanks for the response, any advice gets me one step closer to a solution. Would what you are suggesting not be a constant issue, instead of just occasionally when taking off from a stop or accelerating through a turn?

Again thanks for the help mate!


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the important thing is your listening to your car, if a mechanic said don't panic, believe him mate, could be anything and if you start throwing money at it while things are ok it will never end, just keep listening you will know when something needs to be looked at.