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So I did the "probably shouldn't have done" trip on the weekend. Went out on a track i had never done with 3 mates as passengers who know bugger all about 4x4ing.
We started on "Three Chain Track" and we were looking to head down "Red hill track" but seemed to not exist the further we went. It was a pretty hairy track but i felt comfortable 98% of the time. We had a map which gave us a bit of an idea where we were going and we ran into a group of Motorbikers that were staying at the same camp so we knew we were on the right track. Some of the rocky descents put the bikers on their arse so it was a little scary tackling those parts. Then we came across a three way intersection and the map only had two options so it was a guess of which way to go.. figured the track would lead around to the left so off we went down that track and came across a local in a 4x4 doing the track in the other direction.
We got some very rough directions from him including a river crossing ( I have no snorkel so i asked how deep the crossing was, a quick glance at the height of the hilux and he answered "aw you'll be right" and off we went..
A few slippery muddy accents/ descents, one river crossing, a lot of rain and 3 hours passed and we were back at camp relieved with a beer in hand.
Looking back it was a fun trip and even though nothing went wrong we could have easily got into trouble and had no way of getting out...

I have two priority items to add to the hilux now.
- Snorkel
- Winch

I would do this track again for sure as it was a great challenge... maybe one for a 4x4 earth trip..


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red hill is a good challange i went up it last week, it was dry.
i would not do it in the wet, the red clay is so slippery, and the river crossings at the bottom is somtimes to deep to cross. 4 foot and flowing fast, is how i have seen it before.
if you come from the top the sign said fire access only.


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yeah we did see the fire access only trail, didnt say Red Hill track though..
I might try that next time we go up that way..


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and at least another truck ,a moment shared is a good yarn round the fire (I hope):cool: