solar regulator

Got nothing to do with a perfect world, it's reality. If you hit a Deep Cycle AGM with 15.2 - 16v you will kill it pure and simple (unless maybe Spiral type), they are not calcium batteries and they are not prone to sulfation at all mate.

A VSR w/ a good MPPT Regulator on your Solar panels are 100% all you need, and in most cases better then a DCDC and a 3rd of the cost. Nothing you can say will alter that fact. I have been using VSR's for decades. The 3 batteries in my PK Wildtrak have been running with this setup since I got it in 2009 and they are still good and the 2 in my PX Mk2 Wildtrak are perfectly fine even with heavy heavy use since I installed them in 2016 so I will happily take that snowflakes chance. I run a drawer fridge all the time too and I have a big ole Engel when I go away on top.

People get into drama's when they simply use the wrong cable gauge for their cable runs. Glad you like your setup, but I particularly dislike it when people start stating their opinions as facts when the science and the evidence simply doesn't support it. Let's just agree there are more than one way to do this and they can all work if thought out, planned and executed correctly.


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Tink, yes, and if you never deep cycle a deep cycle battery, and always recharge immediately and fully, that's fine - I've never been able to.

But in case you aren't perfect either, optima chargers have a de-sulphate and condition mode to help you get it back on the alternator and fighting fit again :) As do pretty much all modern chargers with AGM mode, including DC chargers.......

Running boats and battery banks much larger than my pissy vehicular one, we have these conversations over there too and a lot more to lose. Everything always goes better with a multi stage tickle up.

I'm out. Have a great weekend. I'm going to park the ute out of the sun in a high rise down the coast and leave the fridge run all weekend.......
I guess you have a dual battery set up ? I purchased a DC/DC charger with solar connection (Thunder brand on flea-bay). Fitted it myself, so it eliminated the controller and the dual battery controller. Best thing I ever done, I run two fridges and use a 250 watt solar panel off a 130 amp Battery
@Gaza How has the Thunder DC-DC Charger been going for you? I was looking at it earlier.
thanks reply ....I have a few different portable/removable panels with a projector reg & i use them for different things like just charging up battery's camper /vehicle /farm stuff , not really looking dual bat setup exactly but wud b interested in people different setups .
how does the thunder quality rank .... cheers
The Thunder brand I have been told are a rebranded Projector so the quality is good ….so far mine has not faulted