Social media page owners beware


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This article in the ABC refers to the High Court ruling in the recent Dylan Voller defamation case. The Court deemed page owners responsible for the comments posted on their pages despite not being the author of those pages. This ruling puts a heavier burden on moderators.

Facebook defamation ruling by High Court exposes all page owners to lawsuits, not just the media


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Which is fair enough. In the Voller case they talked up what a bad egg he was and then let the comments section run wild.

For a lot of sites the headlines are all click bait to get web traffic to boost their advertising revenue and they stir the pot to get comments to further build outrage and get people arguing and more traffic, but the companies don't want to spend the $$ on editors/moderators of the comments section to control the monster they create.

You wouldn't have a whiteboard outside your club/business that anyone could write anything on and not monitor its content, so why should you be allowed to do the same on-line?

Personally, I think the trolls and offensive commentators should be held more accountable, but when it comes to the law you go after who you can identify and who can pay. A media company is easier to nail down for hosting the content than some random user hiding behind an fake name and living in their parents spare room.