Snowys blog on Lithium batteries has incorrect info


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They say the alternator will only charge to 85% which on many isn't true, they in fact can charge to near 100%, it may just take longer, in fact lithium can charge to near full with quite low voltages.

They speak about the ratings at C20, I'm sorry this is complete made up lies. Actually the correct rating is in the data sheets of the cell manufacturers, and it usually ranges from C/5 to C/2 (much higher than C20). C20 is completely made up and has no validity because LiFePo4 has virtually no peukert effect (good cells around 1.005 to 1.01PE at worst. So do the math on peukerts law and see that at C/20 it delevers the same capacity as say C/5. In fact my cells at C/40 delivered just 100.5 to 101% more AH (peukert moving target) of the C/3 (3 hour CC discharge test) bahahahahaha. So busted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is no such thing as C20 with lithium, it's completely made up. What are they trying to pull?

Amazing the internet, the wild stories they make up. They all give you their version of the truth.
No wonder the forums are full of confusion ahahahahahah.....
Gotta be careful who you get ya info from my god. LOL.

Sorry I made a typo about the % I fixed it.
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