" SnowWhite " 150 Prado Kakadu Build


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Well A few years and Life changes later, Here We are again starting fresh

So We decided the 150 Prado would be our pick of the Med. sized SUV market,
Coming from a well setup 79 series it's an eye opener !

Ended up with a 2016 Kakadu Ex GM car got it with 4K on the clock it Primarily we got it as a long term Family Tourer Very well set up from the factory with 150lts tank, diff locks, KDSS, Adjustable Rear air suspension, MTS, CRAWL control. Automatic Swaybar Discinnects all STD.

A Few mods I did to get it high country ready this Xmass, Snorkel, Diff breather and roof rack.

We have a fair list of mods to come all Moderate, But it will be ready to go anywhere around Aust when we're done belive me

After travelling 4K our selves we are very happy, coming from a tuned TdV8 We are Happy it keeps pulling up the steepest of hills at 100km/h So no complaints- Yet See how it is when it's All kitted out



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Managed to get away for 3 days up in the high country, did a few tracks and i was very happy how it performed in showroom floor trim ( except diff breather and snorkel ).

it was a new experience from my 79 Series that hard enough clearance to pitch a tent under to driving a prado with std clearance and tyres the tracks we did had a fair few boulders/ rocks and mud defiantly used 100% of the track to avoid smashing under the 4wd, we went into Mayford on the way in it was a dust bowl......

the next morning it was wet and rained all day long, i was thinking i might be stuck here for a while given everything turned to Slush quick but i made the call better now than next week and not 1 hick up, the steep muddy rutted climb was tiring having to concentrate hard picking lines but all went really well, the suspension articulation was Excellent i dont think it lifted a wheel once, all the 4wd functions preformed great

we also ventured over to blue rag range that was Fun the entry into the track required a fair bit of clearance so i hit it at a 45deg. and it crawled through without touching

very comfortable to 4wd in its like your own gold class cinema experience in the bush.
Ill have to do my suspension homework prior to purchasing i would hate to ruin something that really works well
Was a good trip enjoyed it alot.



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So what your saying is that you went everywhere the 70 would go but with a little more care and line picking but in 100% more comfort, wait until you really get used to the Prado and have a few good mods, you will start to wonder why you had a tractoro_O:p
Great to hear you are happy with the new toy!!


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Great choice mate, I loved my car in standard trim but the tyres just couldn't cut it and now that I've upgraded the economy and power are down a fair bit so you'll probably end up wanting a tune by that stage.


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Hey Matt, Yeah with some Careful lines it does well hopefully when I'm done setting it up that will get a little Easier and should handle most tracks fine.

Hi Towie, Flash is a good word and usually does not go with Bush but that's what we got it for. Would be interesting to see what a set of Walker Evans look like on her
Probably a little over kill for our planned use

Thanks Spooner

What model have you got RBjet 3lt or 2.8 ?


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Nice, what is the relay box in the second pic?

If it got you out of Mayford after a day of rain then it's :D:D:D It gets bloody slippery about 2/3 of the way up after rain. That last hill before the left turn is the killer. I think the TC on the yota's must be pretty good. I came up there a few years back and towed a 4wd that supposedly had TC but couldn't move. I towed the thing most of the way up without a problem.

Don't be tempted to get a diff lock till you have got used to the TC. I was determined to get diff locks front and rear on the 200 but never bothered. Towing in sand is the only time I think it would help, though the new models have a sand mode.

When you said it was dusty, do you mean it was dusty down in Mayford? Did you see the pear tree? Still alive? Mayford wines in Porepunkah use that tree as their logo. Nice wine.

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Boobook it's the replay box but above it is the rear Diff breather I put in.
From all reports there's no Need to do the other breathers there all up out of the dust with the factory 1 way valves on them.

Yep it was fairly dry on the way in very dusty up the very top and in the valley. ( Mayford )
Did not see a pear tree but I Probalby drove straight past it!!!

After the day of solid rain mayford had a fair few big holes popping up in the valley slushy black Mud

fairly greasy up the climb for road grandtrec ATs the random boulders scattered in a configuration to just annoy Std clearance 4wds. It has a Center and rear diff lock Std.
Which I used both of on my way out also had MTS on various modes As well.

Did not need to use CRAWL control at Mayford, but I did give it a run down a steep rock section of Bluerag just so I could go ultra slow and it really does work. I could have jumped out of the car and made a coffee. It was slower than my 79 in low 1st


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Well I have been busy TRYING to get some items ticked off the list.

A few snags So far

- lift kit. Not too stressed if it is 2" or 40mm but only 1 person has got back to me. It's a ARB front with Airbag man rear kit with BP51s all round. only drama is im not too sure the rear shocks will have the travel required.

Attempted to contact Caloffraod a few times who apprently are specialist with the KDSS Prado but have not returned my call

Spoke to various others and not much at all
Waiting for Wolf 4x4 to get me a price for a Fox racing setup.

Any recommendations please let me know
Just want it done properly

Bullbar more than Likly an ARB summit with Smitty built winch. Fairly sure it's the only bar that's compatible with all the Kakadu features
Radar Cruise and front camera ect.

set on brown Davis under body protection just need to go pick it up

Have a HDP catch can kit on order should be here this week

Fairly sure I will go with the Raslarr sliders
Early feb is the soonest I can book

And hopefully get the duel battery sorted via piranha off-road this week