Snowflakes, social media, harrassment & mental health.

Barra GU

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Thought id ask you lot on where you all stand with this as i am having a very hard time drawing the line.

For starters i wish this to be an adult discussion as i know this can be a touchy subject and i do not wish for any arguements or threads locked.

The problem im having is this...

These days i find too many people are easily offended. I dont know whether it can be viewed as only a millenial issue or moreso the way we have become as a society.

I also fid that these days a lot of people post wayy too much personal shit on social media... whether it be a break up, an argument between couples by posting statuses about eachother and basically airing there personal dirty laundry.

The other part i find rather disturbing is somewhat of self respect.... These days there are so many women posting semi naked if not naked with blured or hidden genetalia or boobs on line in a sexual manner in order to gain more followers... call me old fashion or perhaps maybe because i have 2 daughters but the way some of them these days portray themselves on line makes me think there really is nothing left for our imagination and wonder where the line should be drawn and quite frankly what happened to it (the line).

In many cases these days in the social media 4x4 world i am finding many women posting sexual or semi naked pics in fromt of their cars with bullshit inspirational quotes hoping to gain that next follower... dont get me wrong as a bloke i do fimd them attractive but moreso think to myself what the hell are you doing amd personally think they are cheapening themselves.

These people are happy to use it to their advantage for followers etc and are also happy to lap up the positive comments comming their way. By positive i also mean "liking" comments from men that would say something among the lines of them drooling, calling them hot, etc etc.... Anything that pretty much boosts their ego and makes them feel better about themselves... i believe for them it comes as am addiction... a thirst for followers and or likes...

The problem is though they dont seem to like the negative that may come with it...
A simple comment like "why do you feel the need to post semi naked photos of yourself on the internet" or simular remarks are ones that i find they dont like...

The old argument is though as they say if you dont like what you see dont follow... but doesnt that just mean everybody is litreally there to only give positive info and for those that oppose your opinion isnt wanted?

The next problem i find with many of these types of people is that the second the get given a negative response there have been plenty who have a whinge, a cry etc to there followers by making yet another post of them crying or upset stating that they arent happy at what people have said about them and also find that many also push the mental health card....

This is to me where it gets tricky...

Mental health i think we can all agree is a serious thing... Just on fathers day alone there are up to 40 men commiting suicide because the justice system is preventing them from seeing there children and alienating them from their children but thats another story...

What im trying to ask is , is the mental health card being pushed around far too easy as a mean for people to get what they want or when they dont get things going their way?

The sad thing is there are so many people out there dealing with real life problems who are suffering from real personal problems but i also feel that the "im offended" snowflake syndrome is now starting to be paired up with bullying and mental health.

Just today I was talking to a guy who had a big private investigator Buissnes and he said mental health claims at work are now the biggest work cover claim and the insurance company’s won’t investigate because theyre scared the person in question is going to kill themselves which in turn can have it come back on them.

He dead set lost his buisness almost over night! He said that back injures used to be the biggest issues now its mental health...

He said that these days all you have to say is you want to harm/kill yourself wanna kill and your insurance certification is in the mail.

This makes me pretty cut to hear because there are so many people affected by it genuinely and it erks me to hear that there are some people out there willing to push the mental health card...

So my question to you all is , if there are snowflakes on line who carry on this way as mentioned about where and how do we as a generation to come go with this and how on earth do we figure out a way so this problem doesnt get worse?
Are we starying to see a "snowflake, post semi naked pics on line and everyone should be cool with it and if youre not im going to be offended and drop The mental health card" type of generation or is there a way we can move on from it?

Thoughts and questions... keep it nice please...

old parthy

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It is sad when one knows what ever we say will offend someone.. I don't understand how we can go forward with so few out there trying to bring the many down... And then the law helps them to say its ok for them to call us out on their objection.... But when we try and call them out we are the one's in the wrong.. I'm a layed back kind of guy. . . . Its a sad sad world we live in now..... And those who are pushing it will later on still blame us for not stopping them from what there doing..... So no matter what we do or say .... we will always be seen as in the wrong...


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If anyone feels the need to be offended, I have half naked pictures of myself that I can send that will do the job nicely. :)

The world is a nutty place, always has been. Stop trying to make sense of it because you can't. Go with the flow, roll with the punches and keep your sense of humour, it's your only chance. It's so easy to get sucked in...evidence being two otherwise pretty decent guys banging heads over nothing on here a few days ago. Electronically induced temporary insanity, just the latest form of insanity.


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Judging by the swimmers the young girls were proudly wearing at double island point on the weekend I don’t think the phenomena is limited to the online arena.


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I have noticed a trend of asserting your rights, taking action against your employer etc for “ harassment “ or unfair dismissal etc or attacking someone or a policy with vigorously etc but as soon as the attention gets directed back on them they curl up in the fetal position and can’t deal with being wrong themselves

All this “We are equal “ crap we are being taught has a lot to do with it. Have a look at any other species on the planet and there is no equality so why would it be so with humans? People need to learn to accept their lot with their own strong and weak points and get on with it, telling people otherwise is just messing with their heads and masking problems


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:D:D:D The two things on TV I like , being triggered by something or other :D:D:D:D cracks me up :oops:
Gotta have a safe space :( man I live in the country & I hate crowds :eek: give me a safe space I hate the cities o_O


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Snowflakes, harassment and mental health have always been around. Social media is something that has not been around as long and is now a major driver for the other three. This has developed them more, especially through interaction on the internet, something that was not available in the past. Nothing will stop this, it is called progress.
Years ago you would not hear much about any of this, although it still happened. Today you speak (keyboard) to many people who you will never meet face to face. You will say more harsher things on a keyboard then you will say face to face.
How do you deal with it, because it is on the internet?
1. Join in and have a go, or,
2. Back out and stay quiet.
Harassment, bullying and mental health is a different kettle of fish and is a battle for the individual. Everyone has their demons and a story to tell.
Personalities then come into it.
There are people who feel uncomfortable with certain discussions, debate, having an argument, fight, call it what you like.
Me, I can handle that and people who can't usually say so.
For my kids, I taught them to be honest and respectful of any race, religion, sex, etc., however to always stand up and speak out for what you believe in. And if that means make a fist, so be it.
I was going to post a nude pic of me up the bush in a creek, however that's because I do not look so good , not because I would offend anyone.:eek:.
P.S. I am still here. :):):):):).


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Why not just enjoying checking out all the Instagram rigs and keep the negative comments to yourself.
I think most of them are flogs but they don't need to know that.
Have a perv and carry on.


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Why not just enjoying checking out all the Instagram rigs and keep the negative comments to yourself.
I think most of them are flogs but they don't need to know that.

I agree with this

Just don’t follow them simple. I don’t think there is a need to make fun of people or what they do. Life is to what you do and leave Those people to do what they want. At the end of the day it’s there own social media and they can put up what ever they want.

I find it sad that people feel the need to make a meme (you know who I’m talking about Barra) about someone to gain attention and you can say all you want but that’s all it is. He also has his fair share of content that I feel is not acceptable for social media. However I choose to not follow his account and leave him be.

It’s the the semi naked photos that deffs get the most likes so I think you need to start posing on your patrol. I will give you heaps of likes haha
I might also to, Mankini style haha jk We will probs get blocked

I’m keen to see more vids and pics of your car on social I’ll give you plenty of likes as your a decent bloke with great content


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People are just to soft and take everything as a personal attack, everyone is entitled to an opinion, we have free speech but all to often you practice your right to free speech and just get ridiculed for it.
There was a recent tongue in cheek video posted here from inst crap, I made comment on how it just reminded me why I never visit crap book or insta crap and got shot down in flames for calling someone a dick, which I didn't but hey if the hat fits...
As far as mental health goes , nothing has changed always been a chemical inbalance in some people only now its more talked about and in your face but possibly with society getting "softer" as a whole increases the number of people that top themselves rather than battling on.

old parthy

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you guys are right.. i'm offended by those who think I've offended them.. who do they think they are....Too think that i could even offend someone, while they where offending me ... Thats it i'm offended... or are they offended... um not sure now?


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At the end of the day every one has the right to their opinion. But the problem in today’s society is that it’s generally the people who like to call other people names like bigot are generally the ones who actually fit that definition much more aptly. The loudest group gets the attention just like the squeaky wheel gets the oil.


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Many Facebook Groups have Admin messages asking posters to be polite, respectful... blah blah.... and the favorite one is scroll, don't troll...
And my reply to that is ( and I can't help myself, having been a serial 'letters to the Editor' writer waaaay before social media was a gleam in Bill Gates eye ) is that I will call out some flog publicly if they are posting blatant b/s, lies, untruths, incorrect facts or whatever... as long as you don't descend into name calling, bullying, racist or sexual harrassment, and personal insults, well surely its ok to have a dissenting view.
People should watch the Monty Python 'Argument' skit... its a beauty.
And if the protagonist resorts to insults, well, hey... you've won the argument.....

Barra GU

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So many good points raised here by you all.

I honestly think i need to also personally take on some of this info on board and perhaps not let it get to me.

Rather than get worked up overit its probably best i just do what most would do and kind of avoid it rather than having a rant over it here.

I know back in the day i used to struggle dealing with on line arguemnts as i used to get really abusive myself toward people because i just didnt understand what trolling was and back in my day i didnt grow up with a pc so hearing someone be hostile towards me on line i used to deal with it the way i would deal with it on face value and get up in theor grill over it....

These days i have to say i have calmed down a fair bit as im getting on in age... just last week i had someone litreally give me the middle finger while driving (didnt know what i did wrong) and had it of been 10 years ago i would of been jumping out of the car trying to break open his car window to get to him.

I remember in 2012 i even had a stint on one of my first forums where i lasted 3 months because i got permanently banned for abusive behaviour... it wasmt until years of being on Facebookand seeing people be dickheads that woukd troll that i finally realised what was going on amd developed a sense of understanding for it...

Thats not to say im now an angel... ive had my fair share of beefs or arguemnts on line but am starying to realise that unless they are aff3cting my family , or business then it shouldnt personally bother me...

Am i getting older??? Wiser???? Smarter???

I dont know... but i do know it will be around for many years to come and it may eventually because worse for our children in the future... i guess it comes down to us to teach them of how to deal with it all so it doesnt cause them any harm either...

Thanks you all for the help insight and opinions.

What a mature bunch we have been haha


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Snowflakes and the perpetually offended annoy me, so I'll leave it at that. And political correctness p***es me off no end.
Yes everyone is entitiled to their opinion but as we all know......
Opinions are like a***holes.
Everyone has one.
And most of them stink.

Mental health is another kettle of fish altogether. There are many GENUINE cases in society today and I believe there are just as many (if not more) NON-genuine cases. I think too many play this card just for sympathy or attention. I think the amount of information that people are trying to process is just too much, teach your kids that it is ok to go outside, it is ok to not text their friends but go and see them face to face. Tell your kids it is ok if they don't have the latest trending .... whatever, because in a couple of weeks it won't be trending anymore. Teach your kids to fish or photograph or paint or knit, something to relax the mind.
Look out for those close to you, they're the ones that count. Not some "friend" on facebook or other social media platform that you have never met and probably never will, they won't be there for you if you really need someone to hold. Talk to each other, really talk.

Let me tell you, coming home from work to find your loved one unconscious on the floor, their lips blue, barely drawing breath with the faintest of heart beats is a very very scary thing.