Snow snow snow ?


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Well what a start to the season,

We were off to Marysville this morning for a snow drive / hike, but the black Spur was at a stand still in the wee hours of the morning so we headed to mt Donna, plenty of snow above 900m. But not much 4wding up there so we hiked up.

After the hike we though to give Marysville another crack but Acheron way had some storm damage making the road impassable.

We then decided to just head home.

There would be plenty of snow up lake mountain/ woods point way. Oh well next time


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Too many people use the road through Black Spur to Marysville & Lake Mountain this time of year.
Also its more prone to damage and closure in winds.
Id suggest Yarra Glen , turn right to Noojee , turn left in town and follow it up and turn right at the pine plantation to join Nine Mile and go past the Doll's House to the end , turn right to Mt Matlock / Woods Point :)
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I got through the black Spur today....... it must have been a tree last week as there was a fairly large one cut up on the side of the road

Anyway I found some snow no much below 1100+ meters but at 1200 a nice covering
Track was a mess a lot of shrapnel all over the place. Oh well I guess you get that lucky I packed my silky Bigboy made short work of most logs under 150mm