Snow Line Trip HC 2021


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Ive learnt most tracks are shut.during winter..however id like to know if there are snowline areas in the HC you can camp for one or two nights to enjoy a 4x4 tour for shits and giggles in the snow....basing myself near or in mansfield region or wherever you suggest on that side
Thoughts and suggestions welcome...or direct me a previous topic on where to go to experience snow 4x4 camping
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The most reliable place that you can drive and camp above the snow line without a club trip permit that I know of is on the Tamboritha Rd out of Licola. You will have to come into Licola up from the Heyfield region as the Jamieson - Licola Rd will be closed and Policed by old Ken the copper. He does breathalysers from about 8AM till dusk too. His hobby is fining 4wders and bikers. Last time I was up there, with the Land Rover club, there was a line of cars and bikes with permits being checked and breathalysers for every driver.

Lost Plain is a good spot to camp. Lost Plain

You can go a bit North of Arbuckle Junction and east to Moroka.

Take firewood and be prepared to say "It's Freezing about 200 times at the camp. Also, take spare food and supplies, it can get really snowed in there at times. When it snows there, it SNOWS
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Make sure you cut your timber down low if you don’t bring it from home otherwise you’ll be in a whole world of pain trying to get anything to burn up there...:oops:o_O
Goodluck freezing your how’s your fathers off :D :D

we were just discussing the reality of camping in the snow and it is far from great, you can’t feel your hands nothing wants to pack up as it’s frozen stiff and everything ends up wet ha


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Loved camping remotely in the snow, the deeper the better, a light dusting is just crap and becomes cold no different then camping in crap weather.
Deep Snow muffles all the normal sounds you expect to hear around a camp fire. Going to sleep at night and all you can hear is the stillness The crisp fresh morning makes you feel alive.

As already mentioned if camping in good snow it pays to already have good wood from below the snow line. Easy to cut, easy to source, and better options.