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I realise that snorkels have probably been done to death but, since I have just come to the civilian world of 4wd's I was chasing a snorkel for my WJ Jeep, nobody makes them as I have been told but I have seen a WJ fitted with one and wondered what they used, any Ideas out there????
I dont want to drown the engine as I nearly did on Bribie beach recently, dont ask !!
WJ Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.7 V8 has the intake behind the headlight and with standard height as yet.


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You ask the local 4x4 store like ARB or TJM about it. I know they do make up snorkels using Stainless steel pipes and rubber jointers which look good. Donaldson makes the jointers and can be purchased from their site or from a supplier.


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No , they claim to have a prototype but have ben saying that for over 12 mths,
thanks. I was emailing Airtech who sent me a pic of their prototype but when I queried why it was on the wrong side for a 4.7 and why it was so skinny as to strangle the motor they stopped talking to me ???


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Well it sounds like your only option is to make your own. Plenty have done this using stainless steel bent up by a muffler shop or even lenghths of PVC. Maybe you could try a searching on a few of the US Jeep forums to find some examples.

Yes you can buy the Donaldson air rams etc from a good Truck parts store but I don't think they are cheap. Places like TJM (and maybe some independednt stores) would be into this custom made stuff.


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Just remembered somebody had just emailed me a pic of a home made snorkel. This will give you an idea of what can be done.



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