disco newby here, want to put a snorkel system on 94 tdi would love some advice on bypassing the airbox safely so i can put a second battery where the airbox is.
definatley don't want to damage the motor so how do i integrate a sealed inline filter into the snorkel system?



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I have seen those Pod filters used in other Discoes, cant think of the name but its a big brand in air filters, they are the cleanable ones. Whole airbox removed and pod filter fitted to intake hose and then out through the side into the snorkel. Is the brand K&N?


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Forget the air pod thing. The only way you can achieve a water proof intake system is to use an air box, When the snorkel is fitted ensure that the holes cut into body work are rust prooved, and that all conections for the air intake have been sealed with silicon, your 2nd battery will need to have a propper mount, so only use a repritable one, they would have done all the hard work for you by sorting out the correct position for the battery without compromising anything else.


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It will come down to personal choice, have a look at both ARB and Airtec, just check which one has the better angles and largest diameter bore, so you can get the best airflow.
With the battery tray, look at piranha and ARB.


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ARB sells the Safari snorkel while TJM has the AirTek. Personal choice is the Safari as the ram head can be faced backwards in poor conditions.