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Just took the car in for a service and was advised that the air filter was compeltely blocked with dust. Should have expected that, we're in a drought. I'm after information on the advantages of having a snorkel fitted and which would be better, Nissan or after market and then which after market snorkel. I drive a 2008 Nissan Patrol which is currently still factory standard.


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the Nissan Snorkel is made by Airtek.

Realistically they all work pretty much the same, so unless you have a clearance problem getting into your garage (in which case the nissan one is best as it sits a bit lower) buy which ever you can get fitted cheapest. Thats probably the Safari at the moment, although it could be different in your area.

Dont be a fool and do it yourself, unless you have plenty of experience, or are a panel beater and can fix your mistakes :D