snapped centre hub bolt


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Hi all,
Was driving along around 70km/h and out of nowhere a weird grindy noise came from the left wheel than BANG and it went quiet. Pulled over and had a look and the manual hub was half engaged.
Turned it back to free and cautiously drove home, only a few ks.
When i got home i took the hub cover of and found that the centre bolt split and flat washer where sitting in the bottom of the hub with half the bolt (all the thread) still in the axle :(
Any ideas why this would have happened?
Ive had a look at the drivers side and the bolt split and flat washer look almost new compared to the passenger side. Toyota did the front wheel bearings six months ago :/
IFS 2003 LN167r by the way
Thanks in advance all
Its at Toyota now so waiting to hear from them, just want to get some ammo/knowledge before they empty my wallet :)