slide show - The Kiewa Valley


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Hullo you,

Her are photos of our Australia Day weekend away in the Kiewa .

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.Photo one is of the crew that went out 4X4 driving on the launch pad on top of Mt. Emu, you will recognise his ugliness Royboy and Bobby and Di, the others , youwon't know

Photo two, Lake Guy at Bogong village

Photo three The Frying Pan Fall's Creek , not the same without snow .

Photo four and five The Old but young at heart and some that are just young on the walk out to Wallaces Hut

Photo six The area around Wallaces Hut

Photo seven above and looking down at Falls Creek

Photo eight Ditto

Photo nine and ten Bobby and Di, their son Ben and his girlfriend from thailand O ( not sure of spelling but that is how it is pronounced ) Tristan and son Joshua at front

Photo eleven and twelve Our latest recruits Din , his wife Hong and kids playing in the Kiewa river , he is Vietamnese but of Chinese descent, Bobby and I have australianised hime, they love BBQ'S, beer and 4WD driving and camping .

Photos thirteen to fifteen Young Bridie from Shepparton, We discovered Bridie last year at the Caravan Park strumming her guitar and singing, we were her first paid gig at that stage, I found her again there this year and organised for her to entertain us again, she sang ten songs for $30, I think she has a future ahead of her , there will be Tamworth and I dont think we will be that lucky again

Photos Sixteen and seventeen , the kiewa valley from Mt.Emu and where I used to live, Mt Buffalo of in the distance

God's Own Country !