Slide on Campers.


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They've been sold out of Hervey Bay for 10+ years. No need to import them. A mate has one on an extra cab DMAX and has been all over the country with it towing his runabout. The one in the photo is the SS500 which weighs in at 580 KG which leaves plenty of capacity for other gear etc and a GVM upgrade if need be.


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You are correct and yes it was a source of annoyance.
There is a spot on their site where you fill in your details and they will send you all the info you need on price, inclusions, various extras, vehicle requirements etc etc...
PM me if you are interested I will send it to you.
Or go via the website. They are very responsive and don’t spam you.


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The best place to get info is the facebook group "Slide On Camping Australia" it has info on all makes and models and what the owners think so its legit. :)


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Had a Trayon in the past and they are a great unit..I have a shoulder problem and was looking for something easier for me to set up and fold down. I thought Tailgate was the way to go until is found Jacksons Carryme Camper. A much better unit, better priced and better people to deal with.


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Trayon now have an electric legs option, pretty ingenious and not as huge as some.

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The old "doveton hilton."
These slide on campers are not all there cut out to be, I ended
up mounting mine in a 10x5 tandem trailer. Made it much more
user friendly, lower center or gravity, easier to get in and out of
while having heaps of extra storage and the ability to park it and
leave it easily.
Each to there own, but you don't come across many that have owned
more than one.
There was a mob at Camden that used to build slip ons into a tandem trailer. They were really solidly made and looked great. That's many years ago so not sure if they're still doing it. I always liked the idea of a slip on (not the kinky type!). I think they give you a bit of extra freedom over something like a Winnebago. Towing is pretty hard work. Super concentration required and I don't have the patience either.

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A guy in the local 4WD Club had one of these (with the overhang above the vehicle cabin). His biggest complaint was about the amount of air it trapped and the extra fuel he was using. So maybe a need to look at the aerodynamics if getting reasonable fuel economy is important to you(?)
It would be very hard to satisfy everybody and tick every box! I suppose if your camping off the beaten track at night your biggest expense will be the fuel.


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For me, any company that doesn’t provide an address or phone number and expect you to use a contact form for correspondence gets crossed off the list as an option to consider

That website looks dodgy - couldn't find an ABN, and a search on the ASIC registration looks odd too - the name was registered late last year but with no corresponding number. Link to Facebook shows their email is via Gmail, and the Facebook pages has bugger all patronage.

Too many alarm bells ringing.