Sleeping bags for ice cold Victorian nights.


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I use a zero bag with a wool blanket and sheet that is doubled over, sown near your feet and part way up one side. Slide that inside your bag and cinch the top loop a bit to keep your body heat inside. Good for down to -4.


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I have 2 Oz trail tandems, good for -5c, just lay them out open and put one inside the other.
I used to use my full down Dooner but if it gets wet you are in the crap as someone mentioned.
For a cheap easy fix, Kmart has micro fibre blankets cheap as, they dry very quickly and are very warm, I use up to 3 at home in winter.
They also fold away quite small, also very light, I don`t think you can get better value for money than these.


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Hi guys, could someone recommend me a sleeping bag for nowadays? I am planning to go camping with my family, and I am searching for the best ones.
You don’t want ‘the best’, you want the one that is most suited to each trip. I also do lightweight camping so I have 5 sleeping bags to suit different activities. If I’m not carrying on my back or in my kayak, I’ll use anything in a couple of layers, no need for anything too expensive. The camper trailer still has the complimentary doona and sheet set it came with. Worth at least $30 haha, but does the job no worries and I can throw another blanket on if I need. As boobook said above - ‘what are you using it for’ - define that then buy accordingly.