Sitting Duck Hzj75


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Hey there guys,

New to this and am hoping to gain some tips/pointers as i have recently purchased a 75series 97model tray back which has done 170xxxks.

The poor thing was used on the northern coast for a maritime company, It has done minimal work and was mostly an escort vehicle and was also used to launch/retrieve boats out the water.

A basic run down of the ol'75 is as follows- mechanically sounds and runs great, starts first time everytime. This had me feeling positive after knowing it had been sitting in a yard for 3 years. However I didn't want to get ahead of myself.
After getting the truck home i had a bit more of a look, (if i sound a bit naive about the 75 its cos paid 1500 bux for it and didn't have to much of a look over it before getting it home) the rear leaf springs were rusted and obviously need replacing, the brakes have no compression (keeping in mind that the brake fluid is empty and hoping this is the problem) battery needs replacing.
Other than what I've mentioned its really cosmetics. ****I Hope its only cosmetics****

Am i right in thinking that once all suspension is replaced and brakes fixed, is it just a matter of doing a main service e.g filters,oils,diff oils, transfer case etc and taking it for a decent drive to see if its going to fall apart.??? Excuse my ignorance but first cruiser and am just wanting to hear feedback from others who have been in a similar position or have some words of wisdom.

Thanks in advance!!